Gabriella Middleton

Gabriella Middleton

Gabriella Middleton

Name: Gabriella “Gabby” Middleton
Age: 28
University: Oxford University
Home town: Liverpool


  1. Graceful and agile
  2. Charming and persuasive
  3. Smart and well read


Gabriella is a novelist.  She has written two popular murder mystery novels:  Murder at Midnight and The Butler Did It.
She is unmarried. Those who meet her quickly form an opinion of her as a spunky yet charming young woman.  She can be a girly girl, but someone that can also shoot and be athletic if wearing the right clothing.  She loves fashionable clothing and can afford to purchase what she wants now from her income, but can change into riding attire and fox hunt when the occasion demands.  She is a writer, but also an adventurer.  She would be the type to go on safari in Africa if she is writing a book on the subject.

Self Defense

Gabby carries a Mauser pistol in her purse.
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